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Locksmith San Francisco is a professional company that provides automotive, residential and commercial locksmith services. We operate in San Francisco and surrounding areas. So, whenever you need a locksmith for any locksmith needs, call us at any time of the day.

When you need a locksmith it may be a planned maintenance, when you need to improve your locks security or rekey the locks after moving to a new house. Also, it may be an emergency, which will require the locksmith to come to you as soon as possible. In case of emergency, we provide emergency locksmith services day. After you give us a call the emergency locksmith will arrive to you in short time.

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If you get locked out of your car on the roadside, your should also give us a call. In this case the mobile locksmith will arrive to your location and will be able to safely unlock your vehicle. The lockout may happen if your lock your keys in the car, which is a easy to fix situation. On the other hand, if you have a lockout because your key broke inside the lock, it may be a bit of a problem.

In this case, don’t try to get the broken key out by yourself. Let a locksmith to take car of it. The mobile locksmith have special equipment in their vans, which they can use to extract your car key without any damage. Also, they can cut a key, program a key if you have a remote one, make a duplication spare key.

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We also provide residential services. If you need to change the locks in your house or rekey them, our locksmith can perform it. Rekeying the locks isn’t a very long process, it all will depend on the amount of locks that you need to rekey. This will only require change the pins positions inside of the lock cylinder. If you are thinking of changing the locks because it’a new house, then save your money. If the locks are perfectly intact there’s no reason to spend extra for the new locks. Rekeying will ensure that you are the only one who can open the locks with the new keys. And if whoever lived there before you has a copy of the key, they won’t be able to use it.

On the other hand, if the locks are damaged in one way or another, a locksmith will inspect the lock and suggest to either repair it or replace. If the damage isn’t too big, they can simply repair the locks, which will save you money, since you won’t have to replace the locks.

If the locks are damaged beyond repair, then you will need to replace them. In this case you can also choose more advanced and modern locks, which provide a higher level of security. The electronic locks can be programmed with specific codes or to match only your fingerprints in order to open it. With high security locks you can be sure that your property if safe and no one can get in. So,if you need a locksmith now or by appointment, call Locksmith San Francisco at any time convenient.

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