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Lost Key to Car? This unfortunate situation may be frustrating and even depressing. But you don’t have to worry. Because Locksmith San Francisco has got your back.

Losing car keys is always unpleasant, but happens to all of us once in a while. You can lose your car keys in many different places. If they are lost at home or in your office there’s always a good chance that you will find them shortly, if you look for them carefully. But if you are not sure where you might have lost you car keys and think that somebody may find them, it’s better to call a local locksmith. Moreover, if your keys were stolen, that’s an alarm that you need locksmith services.

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Lost Keys Replacement

Lost Key to Car | Lost Key to Car San Francisco
Lost Key to Car? Call Us!

Locksmith San Francisco provides a wide variety of services, including car keys making and car keys replacement. Don’t lose your sleep because of misplacing your keys. There’s an easy way to fix the situation and it’s only one phone call away from you. In order to replace a lost car key, we’ll need to know the make, model and year of your vehicle, along with the ownership proof. Knowing all that, our mobile locksmith will shortly arrive to your location to fix the situation.

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Depending on the model and year of your vehicle, the process of the car key replacement may vary a little. The older vehicles use standard car keys and we we’ll only need to cut the key. After, we also recommend that the locksmith rekeys your locks, so whoever may find your lost car keys, won’t be able to open your vehicle.

On the other hand, if you have a newer car, replacement of the remote key will be necessary. It’s is not a difficult process, but requires car key programming. In this case the key will operate at the same frequency as your vehicle and all the built-in functions will work. We also offer a transponder key programming along with replacement. Transponder keys can control the start of the engine, so it also requires programming according to the vehicle specs. Unless it’s done, the car engine won’t start.

Damaged Keys Replacement

If you lost or damaged your car keys, then you will need to call a locksmith immediately. No one wants or can afford to be stuck without their car. Replacing a car key is a fairly easy task and can be done right at your location. The locksmith will come with professional tools that allows them to make any key needed. Older model cars usually do not need the key programmed, simply the blade cut to match the locks. In newer model vehicles there is a chip in the key that allows the engine to turn on. These types of keys will need to be programmed to match your car.

When your key breaks off inside a lock cylinder, it can be a shock and cause panic in a person. No one ever expects that to happen to them, so when it does they don’t know what to do. One thing you should never do is try to get the piece out yourself or try to start the vehicle with the broken piece still inside. Only a professional locksmith should extract the key. They have the tools to easily get the piece out without damaging the cylinder itself. Once the broken key piece is free, they will be able to make you a new key. If you have a newer model key with a chip inside, they will be able to program it to match your car. So, the first thing you should do in this situation is call a locksmith.

So, whenever you require lost key to car service, don’t hesitate and call Locksmith San Francisco.

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